Download e-book for iPad: Alphabet (Pre-K Grade) Basic Skills Workbook by Lisa Penttila, Georgia Green

By Lisa Penttila, Georgia Green

ISBN-10: 1897305419

ISBN-13: 9781897305416

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Illegal insider-trading. Market fraud involving cartels colluding to fix prices. Espionage. ” Fraud at work takes many forms. These include: ġ ġ ġ ġ Payments of false invoices. Payments to nonexistent staff. “Kickbacks” from suppliers. Internal theft of equipment, materials. Perhaps the two most rising forms of fraud are identity theft and phishing, making it easier for people to steal personal information. Phishing occurs when fraudsters set up false sites and get people to give over personal details or move their money to them.

Inevitably, the statistics are very dubious and unreliable. Is a report by an internal auditor a case of whistle-blowing? When is a complaint different from a case of whistle-blowing? Should it really be called whistleblowing if the complainants lose their case? Surveys which ask people if they have (ever) witnessed wrongdoing in their organization reveal that a very high percentage say yes, though the number drops and changes depending on precisely what behaviors are mentioned. However, if then asked whether they “blew the whistle”, this number drops dramatically to less than one tenth of those who say they observed it.

It has been suggested that the workaholic worker is often competitive rather than co-operative, as well as hostile and irritable. Their “supercompetitiveness” and achievement orientation make them neither good colleagues nor good bosses. They may themselves encourage others to break rules and safety regulations, if they believe they get in the way of work outcome. Substance abuse This refers to the use (and abuse) of legal (alcohol and tobacco) and illegal drugs (stimulants, depressants) before, during or after work that may adversely affect production.

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