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By Pierre Touzin

Over a hundred pictures were specifically chosen for his or her rarity and curiosity for every identify during this all-picture paperback sequence. notwithstanding a lot you might have studied the topic it's not going that you'll have obvious greater than a handful of those photographs earlier than

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1. McCarthy/chronology/synchronisms/Edition_3, Mc Carthy now takes the date to have been 593, for reasons that are unclear to me. Chronicle of Ireland 0 Prelims 6/4/06 3:04 PM Page 39 INTRODUCTION 39 Table 6. Events also recorded in non-Irish sources Event Ob. Suibne Ob. Æthelwulf Ob. Louis the Pious Ob. Charlemagne Ob. Offa Ob. Æthelbald Ceolwulf in prison Ob. Ecgberht Easter on Iona Ob. Osred Defeat of Picts Ob. Aldfrith Ob. Berhtred Ob. Theodore Nechtansmere Attack on Brega Battle of the Trent Ob.

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