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Spatial capacity can be calculated as the maximum data rate of a system divided by the area over which that system can transmit. 2 Comparison of spatial capacity of various indoor wireless systems. 1317 been the most limited resource. 7) For UWB systems, which operate in other licensed spectrum, the power has to be kept very low. This is compensated for by the use of extremely large bandwidths. Using the traditional measure of spectral capacity [bits/Hz] UWB has very low spectral capacity compared with existing systems.

In all these waveforms the goal is to obtain a nearly flat frequency domain spectrum of the transmitted signal over the bandwidth of the pulse and to avoid a DC component. In order to understand the characteristics of different waveforms, we first discuss the theoretical definition of a damped wave. 1 Damped sine waves What is a damped sine wave? 1) where A is an arbitrary amplitude, λ is the exponential decay coefficient, f0 is the frequency of oscillation of the sine wave, and t ≥ 0 is the time. 1(a) demonstrates this waveform, and any wave of this general form can be considered a damped sine wave, or Class B, emission.

The narrow pulses used by UWB, which also give the extremely wide bandwidth, if separated out provide a fine resolution of reflected pulses at the receiver. This is important in any wireless communication, as pulses (or sinusoids) interfering with each other are the major obstacle to error-free communication. Finally, the use of both precise ranging (object location) and high speed data communication in the same wireless device presents intriguing possibilities for new devices and applications. Simultaneous automotive collision avoidance radar and communication can give accident-free smooth traffic flow, or games where the players’ position can be precisely known and a high speed wireless link seamlessly transfers a video signal to the players’ goggles may seem the stuff of science fiction, but with UWB the possibilities for these and other applications are there, right now.

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