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Трактат по дереву, история и практика

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In Pi. ]<,. t 1 " laving thus endeavoured to prove by a continuous chain of evidence the principle of producing impressions from raised lines was known, ami practiced, at a very early period; and that it was applied for the tliat purpose ol letters improving and other characters on paper, though which is the perhaps contineil to signatures only, long previous to 1423, earliest date that has been discovered on a wood-cut, in the modern sense n| the word, impressed on paper, and accompanied with explanatory words nit on the same block;* and having shown that the the manner in which the above-named cut is principle of stencilling The marks here given are copied fnuu Mackarcl's History of King's Lynn, 8vo.

Ever, to be met with rarely, till fifty years after ENGRAVING. 33 As this volume is no longer to be found, as no mention is made of such a work by any old writer, and as another copy has not been discovered in any of the libraries of Italy, nor the least trace of one ever having been there, the evidence of its ever having existed rests solely on the account given of it by Fapillon. Before saying a word respecting the credit to be attached to this witness, or the props with which Zani and Ottley endeavour to support his testimony, 1 shall attempt to that the account affords internal evidence of its own falsehood.

L ENGRAVING. are They Gothic Italian, which M. " a block " ' away the ground of the blocks more, that the " in taking impressions' paper may " Following this frontispiece, and of the same size, are the subjects of the eight pictures, engraved on wood, surrounded by a similar line It is necessary to cut not touch it forming a square, and also with the shadows formed of slight lines. At the foot of each of those engravings, between the border-line and another, about a breadth distant, are four Latin verses engraved on the finger's which is placed at the impression is similar to that of the frontispiece, and rather grey or cloudy, as if the paper had not been moistened.

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