Anne Stuart's A Rose at Midnight PDF

By Anne Stuart

ISBN-10: 0380767406

ISBN-13: 9780380767403

Longing for the downfall of Nicholas Blackthorne, the infamous rake whom she holds chargeable for the lack of her advantage and her relatives fortune, Ghislaine de Lorgny is by surprise kidnapped by means of her so much hated enemy.

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I don't believe I'd heard that she was anything special. " He sounded abstracted. "Still, there's something about the girl. " She gritted her teeth just slightly, unable to move, as the men discussed her. "I wouldn't know, sir. She's not to my taste. I like 'em with a little more meat on the bones. " "So do I," he said, and she could tell by the sound of his voice that he was rising from his lazy perch. Rising, and moving closer. "But there's something about this one…" He put his hand on her. His large, elegant hand under her chin, forcing her face around to his.

A matter of time, the doctor said. The next apoplectic fit would carry him off, and unless his black-sheep son made himself scarce, that fit would come all too soon. Nicholas felt no guilt. None at all, he told himself, as he watched his father struggle. He would have been more than happy to stay and watch his father die, if it hadn't been for the implacable decision of his elderly Uncle Teasdale. His mother's older brother was a bachelor, one of high-living tastes and an amazing amount of tolerance.

Not as yet," he allowed. " At that moment Nicholas wasn't interested in any explanations. His mind was preoccupied with how he was going to return to England as quickly as possible. And what he'd find when he got theje. He simply nodded, paying scant attention while the little old man rambled on about the unsettled social conditions in France, the uprisings of the peasants, the troubled situation in Paris. "Not that I think it will come to anything," he added hurriedly. "France has stood for more than a thousand years-the rabble won't be allowed to destroy it.

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