Download e-book for iPad: A Nation of Moochers: America's Addiction to Getting by Charles J. Sykes

By Charles J. Sykes

ISBN-10: 1250022320

ISBN-13: 9781250022325

Have we reached a tipping aspect the place extra americans rely on the efforts of others than on their lonesome? Are we turning into a kingdom of moochers?

In A kingdom of Moochers, Charles J. Sykes argues that we're already very just about that time, if we haven't already crossed the road: from the company bailouts on Wall highway, to huge, immense pension, healthcare, and different entitlement expenditures, to questionable tax exemptions for companies and participants, to the alarming raises in own default and dependency, the recent moocher tradition cuts throughout traces of sophistication, race, and personal and public sectors.


A country of Moochers explores the shift within the American personality in addition to the financial system. a lot of the anger of the present political weather stems from the belief through hundreds of thousands of usa citizens that they're being compelled to pay for the greed-driven difficulties of different humans and firms; more and more, those that plan and behave sensibly are being requested to bail out the profligate. Sykes’ argument isn't really opposed to compassion or valid charity, yet distinguishes among definable wishes and the moocher tradition, during which self-reliance and private accountability have given method to mass greedy after entitlements, tax breaks, advantages, bailouts, and other kinds of feeding on the public trough.

Persuasively argued and wryly pleasing, A country of Moochers is a rallying cry for americans who're bored with taking part in through the principles and procuring those that don’t.

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