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Toward this end, it would be necessary to hold writers workshops to develop curriculum materials and, in the process, to expose any problem areas in the orthography. Also, the present orthography is based solely on the Kota Belud variety. As was noted above, there are other varieties/ dialects of the language which may need greater representation in the orthography if it is to best serve the needs of the WC Bajau community. 4 Methodology, consultants, and corpus My fieldwork was conducted in Sabah, Malaysia over four different periods: 1996-1998 (26 months); 2001 (2 months); 2003-2004 (12 months); and 2006 (4 months), for a total of 44 months.

The majority of the texts were narrative (27), including folk tales, personal experience narratives, and historical/epic narratives. 2% of the corpus. All but two of the texts were interlinearized. Twelve of the texts (mostly folk tales) were compiled previously by Edith Mirafuentes, who then made them available for my use. , their 24 Note that this percentage (and the following percentage values) do not account for embedded discourse within a text (see Longacre 1996:16). For example, a narrative text may contain extensive portions of (embedded) expository text, but in the counts above, they would be classified as narrative since the text as a whole is narrative.

Preverbal or else following the verb + non-subject core argument). 20 In summary, WC Bajau patterns as an Indonesian-type language in its voice system, having two primary voices (actor and undergoer). Furthermore it is a ‘symmetrical voice language’ because both actor and undergoer voices are transitive. In its syntactic features of word order, (absence of) case- 18 This is not to deny that aspect is to some degree correlated with voice in Bajau. For example, the actor voice is often used to express imperfective contexts.

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