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'...Rubinstein is much from blameless and is derived to our relief with loads of learning...and is kind of correct to induce that to not savour the sexiness of Shakespeare's language impoverishes our personal realizing of him. For something, it used to be a powerful point in his attract Elizabethans, who have been less woolly-mouthed and smooth-tongued than we're. for an additional, it has constituted a salty preservative for his paintings, between those that can enjoy enlightening book.' A.L.Rowse, The Standard

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The voice of this masculine whore breaks (and mends) scurril (mendeux - Cot) jests (scurril/ SQUIRREL, a whore). Patroclus's VOICE/ vice is buggery: his voice mends - L mendax, -acis, lying - it lies, like him on the bed, and buggers. At Patroclus's fusty (evil-smelling) stuff, the large Achilles laughs. ) of Achilles, who emits loffe (farts - F) luff (to windward) - a large windy applause for Patroclus from Achilles's deep chest. e. the sea) continues the nautical metaphor; it also means 16 APPLES having dimension downward: Achilles's applause comes from his downward, lower chest (casse); his cas or buttocks; caisson or chest for explosives.

My lords, look where the sturdy rebel sits, Even in the chair of state: belike he means, Back'd by the power of Warwick ... To aspire unto the crown .... Clifford. .. He durst not sit there .... Let us assail the family of York. Anal puns denigrate the sturdy (only here in Sh; prob. a pun on this- turdy rebel, who sits in a 'chair of state' or a stool (OED; W; see STATE), which also means a seat for evacuating the bowels. There he is backed and aspires. Clifford responds that he durst not sit, that they will assail him, will asseler or go to stool and evacuate the turd, remove him from the royal seat.

Awl (1) Penis: the awl is a hole-boring tool. i: 'if you take her husband away from her a-night, you undo her ... ' (2) Vulva: a hole/whole (TWR; P) or all- a 'hole' being the vulva (C; P). 4. A sexual metaphor for the political reality. Lady Macbeth: 'Nought's had, all's spent,! 97. e. wicked) murder is done. Coitus has been had (carnally possessed- C; P), is over with; the all or penis is spent (depleted of semen - F&H; C; P), can do no more. iL518). Nothing is in her womb. Sexual intercourse between the Macbeths has been fruitless and probably ceased: a tragic outcome of 8 ALTAR her having called on the spirits to 'unsex me' (COMPUNCrIOUS).

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