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Akmajian et al. (2010) and O'Grady et al. (2010) are general introductions to the many subfields of linguistics. Afroasiatic: Very brief sketches of the non-Semitic branches of Afroasiatic can be found in Hayward (2000) and Huehnergard (2004). The classic survey of Afroasiatic is that of Diakonoff (1988). While this work provides useful data, its re­ constructions should not be relied upon. Any comparative gram­ mar or dictionary comparing two or more branches of Afroasiatic must be used with great caution.

This was also the case in Soqop-i a hundred years ago (55). However, in modern Soqotri, only the second occurrenCe of the preposition has survived, with the result that prepositions can be embedded within a noun phrase (56) (Lonnet 1998). 3 AGREEMENT There are a number of issues pertaining to agreement in Semitic that are noteworthy. 3). , Hebrew), fossilized dual forms are treated as plu­ ral for agreement purposes. Attributive adjectives in Semitic normally agree with their head nouns in gender, number, and case (where applicable, and referring to the inherited Proto-Semitic case markers only); in Central Semitic (with the exception of Neo-Aramaic) and in Mehri, attributive adjectives also agree in definiteness (57).

Phillip s, pp. 79-80. ) Behnstedt, Peter, and Manfred Woidich. 2005. Arabische Dialektgeographie: Eine Einfiihrung. Leiden: Brill. Bennett, Patrick R. 1998. Comparative Semitic Linguis tics: A Man­ ual. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns. Blanc, Haim. 1964. Communal Dialects of Baghdad. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Blau, Joshua. 1 966--67. A Grammar of Christian Arabic Based Mainly on South-Palestinian Texts from the First Millennium. 3 vols. Leuven: Peeters. 1988. Studies in Middle Arabic and Its Judaeo-Arabi c Vari­ ety.

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