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By George Hardin Brown

The Venerable Bede is a vital determine for Anglo-Saxonists, arguably crucial, identified personality from the interval. A student of foreign status from an early interval of the Anglo-Saxon church [c.672-732], he used to be the writer not just of the well known Ecclesiastical background of the English People, but additionally of scriptural commentaries, hagiographies, medical works, admonitory letters, and poetry. This e-book presents an informative, entire, and updated consultant to Bede and his writings, underlining particularly his value within the improvement of ecu background and tradition. It areas Bede in his modern Northumbria and early Anglo-Saxon England, dedicates person chapters to his works, and features a bankruptcy on Bede's legacy for next heritage.

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13 In the hands of a gifted literary exegete the allegorical method can elicit from the biblical text profound meaning and poetic richness. It can extricate the inner meanings of a pregnant phrase or complex allusion. On the other hand, it can also be a flight from the reality of the text to the abstract world of fancy. ”14 So in such works as his commentary on the Acts of the Apostles with its retractatio he uses mostly an historic approach. 15 More than Gregory, Bede maintains that the literal, historical meaning of the text must not be abandoned or surrendered entirely to the allegorical interpretation.

27 A Companion to Bede In fifty-one brief chapters Bede explains the earth, the heavens with the stars, the planets with their orbits, and then the atmospheric events, the oceans and some rivers, the earth as a globe, cause of earthquakes and the volcanic activity of Aetna, and ends with the geographical divisions of the earth. In the preface of the De temporum ratione,42 Bede alludes to the De natura and the De temporibus as earlier works, but how early is indeterminable. In chapter 38 of the De natura he accepts Pliny’s eight-year tidal cycle, which he corrects in chapter 29 of the late work, De temporum ratione, to a nineteen-year cycle.

The result was that instead of the usual figure of more than 5000 years from the creation to the birth of Christ, Bede arrived at the sum of 3952 years. Such a disparity caused some eyebrow-raising in Northumbrian clerical circles, with the result that five years after releasing De temporibus (708), Bede was accused of heresy at a banquet in the monastery of Hexham at which his diocesan superior Bishop Wilfrid was present. He was charged with positing Christ’s birth in the fifth age instead of at what was considered the correct time, the beginning of the sixth.

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