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By G.M. Ford

ISBN-10: 0060853727

ISBN-13: 9780060853723

ISBN-10: 0380816229

ISBN-13: 9780380816224

Underneath the rotting floorboards of an deserted shed are human bones -- plenty of them -- the final issues a runaway rogue true-crime author and his photojournalist ex-lover anticipated to discover once they took shield from a vicious Wisconsin snow fall. The grisly nightmare Frank Corso and Meg Dougherty have exposed is not anything they could flip a blind eye to. The hideous slaughter of a kin, undetected for fifteen years, needs to be avenged, because the hunt for a killer consists of Corso midway around the state, and during a chilling historical past of violence, terror, and bloodshed. yet changing into an software of justice has made him a goal of a rage-driven maniac -- and it truly is resulting in ashocking fact hidden in an remoted position the place dying lives ... and the place no legislations protects the blameless.

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She motioned toward the yellow tape surrounding the general area of the shed. “I’ve got it sealed off,” she said. “State Patrol hates it when they get a contaminated crime scene. ” She dropped her arm. ” His lower lip quivered as he swallowed whatever he’d intended to say next. Instead he took a deep breath and expelled the air through his nose in a pair of locomotive plumes. “You’ll keep me posted,” he said. It wasn’t a question. “Of course,” she said. He shot Corso a look and then went back to glaring at the sheriff.

And for an instant she felt the fear rise in her chest. Had he fallen and gone skittering down the hill into the ravine below? Had he, in his stupor, simply wandered off and forgotten her? Again she hurled his name into the darkness. And again his name was swallowed by the storm. The snow stung her cheeks as she sniffed back a tear and mustered her strength. And then suddenly she felt the car move, and the black void above her head was filled with Corso. He’d stemmed the flow of blood by packing his nose with snow.

We gotta keep the fire going. ” Dougherty began to protest and get to her feet. “Stay still,” Corso said. ” He brought one hand to the top of his head, as if to keep it in place, and then eased across the room and pulled open the door. The bright white reduced his eyes to slits. He stood in the doorway gulping the frigid air. The storm had passed, leaving behind a wind-whipped blanket of white reaching nearly to the tops of the fence posts lining the driveway. He stepped out onto the porch and drew the door closed.

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