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W. Kleinig, The Lord’s Song: The Basis, Function, and Significance of Choral Music in Chronicles (JSOTS , Sheffield, JSOT Press, ), pp. –. 69 Berges, Jesaja –, pp. –. 70 B. Weber, “ ‘Asaf ’ und ‘Jesaja’: Eine komparatistische Studie zur These von Tempelsängern als für Jesaja – verantwortlichem Trägerkreis”, OTE / (), pp. – . 71 Weber, “ ‘Asaf ’ und ‘Jesaja’ ”, pp. –. 72 O. Keel, Die Geschichte Jerusalems und die Entstehung des Monotheismus, Vol.  (Orte und Landschaften der Bible IV, , Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, ), p.

The core layer is thought to have been composed by an individual or a group of peoples in the exilic community in Babylon shortly before  bc. Later, either these same people or their disciples would have redacted the original core text and also added significant amounts of material to the gradually growing textual corpus of Isa – upon their arrival in Judah. This added material is thought to form at least two textual layers, dating from around  bc and later. It is important to note the growing awareness that significant parts of Isa – are best understood as having been 75 M.

Brenner, “The Case of Isaiah ”, p. . 42 Eaton, “Origin of the Book of Isaiah”, pp. –, R. ) in  bce”, JSOT  (), pp. – (esp. , note ), and R. E (trans. D. , SBL, ), p. . 43 Albertz, Israel in Exile, pp. –. 41 authorship, dating, redactional development  Furthermore, what evidence there is paints a somewhat surprising picture. Isa :–, ab– and  introduce the reader to a group of human beings who are being commissioned to bring the good news to Jerusalem.

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